Vehicle filterscript

Hey guys,

I remember some time ago while I was browsing the FS section,I spotted a filterscript (I dont remember the name).
With this filterscript you can place bikes on your vehicle's trunk.As I remember,you type a command,your vehicle teleports on a small "interior",you get back in your vehicle,you drive there you want,and you type this command again and your bike teleports on your location.

I dont remember the name of the filterscript,and thats why I cant find it,I tried SA-MP forums search,****** but I cant find it! I know that it may not be the right section but if someone knows how the script is called I would really appreciate it if he let me know!

Thanks in advance

try this url.

Originally Posted by ScripteRNaBEEL
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Thanks but I don't need a vehicle system, I already scripted mine, I just need this filterscript..

Maybe try making your own version of this filter-script if you can't find the original one...

ok i will try to find like that.

I'm sure this is it, Because you can teleport your vehicles.
Click on meh.

I will just script it on my own, I was just in need of a script to get inspired..
Thanks anyway for the support I repped you all.

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