Some helps, please im new here

Hello all
I need help about few things.
1st How i can make it when player die he spawn at jefferson hospital?
2nd How i can create a job, for example when i enter ambulance car and i press 2 i am paramedic
3rd How i can make command in game so when i type /object [object id] it will spawn near me, and also there should be /editobject and /moveobject
4th How i can put anty cheat system and where to find it?
5th How i can create random skin choose for example i am logged first and got skin id 2 then my friend will log in and he will get skin 28
6th How i can delete screen when i need to press "spawn" to be spawned?
7th How i can change score in TAB to be money?
And if anyone maybe want to help me you can add me at skype stevan.jankovic2

You're asking for a gamemode.

I said i need help to make my gamemode...
I made admin system and vip system

public OnPlayerDeath(playerid, killerid, reason)
SetPlayerPos(playerid, x, y, z);
return 1;

THis might help your first thing, didn't test it out so if it doesn't work don't blame me.
Tab thing can't be edited FYI

Q1 :

public OnPlayerSpawn(playerid)
SetPlayerPos(playerid, X, Y, Z);//Use /save Command to save Co-ordinates!
return 1;

Ok thank you, what about other questions?

Learn scripting before you make your own Gamemode, you're asking too much

Start from this.

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