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So, i am soon going to open 2 new servers, an rp server, and a TDM server.
What i would love to know is what host i should go towards, i am looking for a good host which has prices at reasonable prices.
I tried Volt Host before, and i must say they are awful.
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I'd get a VPS from NFOServers, great quality bandwidth, withstands attacks, legitimate company that has 10+ years experience.

OVH is quite good as well

Thanks guys, really helpful.

Don't use smartbytes, it really is a pain in the ass sometimes. No offense to the owner I haven't tried Vortex but everybody says it is good, so i think you can try that. Volt Host is really easy to use but it's been having a lot of problems and downtimes lately so i wouldn't go with that at the moment.

Check this:-

I'd personally prefer Fractal Hub (I am an op. there) if you'd like a free host, tickets get responded in an hour, maybe few hours if no one is there, 50 slots, MySQL, and a lot of other things.
Hope it helped.

I'm suggesting you to buy a VPS with better specifications so that you can host multiple SA-MP servers. I'm using Black-Bird Host as they're affordable and the service is pretty cool.

I am personally in agreement with RajatPawar. I used Vortex Servers for an old CnR I used to play with my buddies, and now I am using it for an upcoming RP of mine.

The pricing is fair and cheap, and the support is pretty quick.

One of nice hosting and cheap are or

If you want a already setup SA:MP server then use the list of hosts recommended in the Server Support section. And if you're confident enough to set it all up yourself using a VPS then PM me if you need some recommendations for VPS providers as I don't like to post links to hosts for risk of it sounding like an advert.

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