Computer Problem (Shutting Down Randomly)


This seems to be happening often, usually when I'm playing a game. My computer (laptop) will just shut off randomly. First my monitor (laptop screen is broken) turns off, then the sound turns off, and usually after that I just take out the charger (no battery, so it turns it off).

I'm looking to fix the screen, battery, and shutting off randomly problem. Before I can do that, I need to know what is wrong with the shutting off of the laptop. I have a suspicion it has something to do with the heat, but I'm not sure.


Sounds like the laptop is overheating.

Yep, check the temperatures. You could use something like speedfan to log them, so you can check the last temperatures before it shuts down.
Or check the system events in the control panel, I think its logged in there when the system overheats.

Visit Mr.BIOS, and go the the temperature area I believe.

What you need is this:

Buy thermal paste, find the chip in your motherboard and put just a little bit of thermal paste but clean it before u do that!

You can find simple programs that overrides the fans, so you can set them on high. I have to do that with my Dell Studio. Anyone that I know who has a Studio 1535 will over heat. I use I8kfangui and it works perfect.

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