Hey all,1.i am making a marker for most wanted,when you are most wanted others will get a checkpoint of your place,where should i put the code at?i mean where to put the code?under which thing?
2.ShowPlayerMarkers,what should i set it to?0 or 1 or 2?i dont want players with colors to get on minimap but i want the other things like most wanted and...get on minimap ,so which one should i put?


If you are using Incognito's streamer plugin it should be easy to do it by creating and destroying and then recreating a colored id 0 map icon, every 2/3 seconds on the position of the most wanted player, but it won't give a nice result.

If you instead meant to show its normal marker to other players you could find this function useful:

Listen,I want like if player has color on him it doesnt make a marker for on him,but i want if player is most wanted it makes a marker,which number should i use for it?
pawn Код:
and SetPlayerMarkerForPlayer,where should i put it at?to put marker for most wanted


If you want to put the marker for the most wanted ones, do a loop and sort the most wanted values. The highest value you get, record the player ID and set the marker for that player.

put where to put ShowPlayerMarkerForPlayer

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