Server not starting

Hello, So I was starting up my test server but it will not run, each time i try it gives me this:

Can anybody help? Sorry I am a noob.

Also yes I have updated it to 0.3z server.

The YSI version you use is too old. Update it and re-compile the scripts which use YSI.

The server might not start due to another problem such as a run time error or a crash. Installing crashdetect plugin (version 4.13.1) will let you know if there are problems with run time errors/crashes. Also posting the whole server log may be useful.

That same thing happens to me me! In another post I put the same, is because some of the streamer, tried several ways and still the same.
I tried updating the plugin, the include and recompiling the code and still the same.

Did you tried re-compile all the gamemodes/filterscripts?
Did you properly added all the latest includes/plugins?

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