Nitro System

Is there is any way to find the time taken by the nitro to get empty and to get filled again?

Never tried but IDEA!

Use stopwatch/timer on your mobile or something which shows accurate seconds, While using nitros, Start your timer, And stop as soon as it's finished (Nitro)

When nitrosends, Stop your timer/stopwatch.

Make a countdown textdraw suppose 20 seconds for per fill (Just example) so Use
pawn Код:
public OnPlayerKeyStateChange(playerid, newkeys, oldkeys)
Countdown starts in usage of nitros (Nitro ON), Add textdrawshowforplayer and goes on.

Well, nice idea but i will check it later.

Originally Posted by Hanuman
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Well, nice idea but i will check it later.
Hold on xD Not a good idea.

What if user presses key fire again and again? Lol

lol, i am not adding this to script. I will just test it to find the time.
About preventing the user to that, we can use variable for that. That is why i love variable so much. Love u variables!

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