[0.3z] ZOmbie Apocalypse {Its Back}

Server Information
Server IP:
Hosted Tab: Yes
Website: sa-zombie.com

About Us
This is a zombie mod which came in December 2012 for first time but close after 6 month of that because of some reason but now its back with huge number of features. We made a real fun server where many things to achieve and we constantly working on script to increase level of fun and adventure.

Great Map. Map aren't only well constructed but also tricky where you have to find place to stay away from our very bad zombie.

Super Classes. We got a huge number of classes you can play with, each with special capability.

Bored with one ability? Then you got here two abilities which give our zombie more power and make them more cruel mind sucker.

Teacher like Admin No!! Our admins are very friendly and always ready to help you.

And Much more.... Come have a look.
We are waiting.


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