Server Crash

[20:48:15] [debug] Server crashed while executing pro.amx
[20:48:15] [debug] AMX backtrace:
[20:48:15] [debug] #0  00000065 in ?? () from pro.amx
[20:48:15] [debug] #1  00000065 in public cmd_complain () from pro.amx
[20:48:15] [debug] #2  00014028 in ?? () from pro.amx
[20:48:15] [debug] #3  00005b9c in public OnPlayerCommandText () from pro.amx
[20:48:15] [debug] Native backtrace:

I think there is a problem with your /complain command, as I see the code.

it occurs with different cmds this time it was complain last time /hog more back it was /warn

Are you meant we need to guess your code?

Does it give warnings if you compile the script?

no the only problem is there is no single warning but still crash

We're not a witch who could guess your codes, we're flying blind here.

Give us some codes.

the /complain command

and OnPlayerCommandText

Update crashdetect plugin in the latest version (if not already) which is 4.13:
Use debug info for more information such as lines:

After done the above, re-compile and start the server. If it prints anything with [debug] prefix again, post your server log.

@Equuuuin0X: Before you edit your post, you said about nativechecker. Nativechecker is used only for run time error 19.

i can't use the crash detect plugin i don't know but i can't get it's output and yeah the debug it's too much on the log and complain cmd
CMD:complain(playerid, params[])
        new TargetID,complain[20];
        new playername[MAX_PLAYER_NAME];
        new targetname[MAX_PLAYER_NAME];
        if(sscanf(params, "us", TargetID, complain)) return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_RED, "USAGE: /complain [id] [complain]");
        if(TargetID == INVALID_PLAYER_ID) return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_RED, "* Player Is Not Connected.");
        if(strlen(complain) < 5) return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_RED, "* Enter Long Reason.");
        new string [128];
        SCM(playerid, COLOR_WHITE, "You Complaint Has Been Sent Successfully.");
        format(string,sizeof(string),"Complaint: %s", complain);
		SCM(playerid, COLOR_CYAN, string);
        for (new i = 0; i < MAX_PLAYERS; i++)
                if(pInfo[i][Adminlevel] > 0)
                new str[128];
                format(str,sizeof(str),"*** New Complaint Received. Player: %s (%d) Has Reported Player: %s (%d). - COMPLAINT: %s", playername, playerid, targetname, TargetID, complain);
				SCM(i, COLOR_HOTPINK, str);

				return 1;


        return 1;

I cannot help you without the help of crashdetect. I can find the problem if you use debug info and it prints some outputs but I cannot guess what causes it.

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