System faction server [new.pwn]

Greetings to you!
I'm here with what question, but rather a request for help:
Show an example of creating factions on the RP server [with new.pwn]
That there can be example, the adoption of a faction, the appointment of a leader.
Thanks in advance!
Sorry for bad English, I write and ****** translator.

руддщ шэь огые фдыщ гыштп кгыышфт лунищфквю Ш рщзу нщг гтвукыефтв ершы кгыышфт еуче дщд
Ин еру цфнб ьфниу ершы цшдд рудз нщгЖ

Sorry just used russian keyboard hope you understand it :P

Ahah, lol.
Are there any examples, it is better not dynamics

Are there any manuals?

What about that

Watched this option, just want to know if something like this, but easier.

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