Time Delay problem

Hi everyone,

I have a problem occuring only on my friend's server, and only me has this problem.

When in a car, exmple, I chase a friend, every 1 minute or so, I see this friend slowing down, driving less than 10 mph (like if he was lagging). But then, after few seconds, it starts to go fast away like he continued his way. To add some infos, the server's speed'o'meter is onplayerupdate, and when this problems happen, it's not and change from, exemple, 50km to 90, to 50, etc. Messages on the chat, like commands, are also delayed when this problem occures.

It is really annoying, and I don't know if I explained it enough so you can understand.

Thanks for helping me.

EDIT: I'll be uploading a video showing the problem.

EDIT 2: Uploading right now. Will be done soon : http://*********/uzVSHjQxFuY

This looks like a normal lagspike.
Do you have any big code that is executed every x seconds/minutes/whatever? If even commands and chat are delayed, the most logical explanation is either the internet connection of the server itself, or because you execute very big, resource demanding code. As you said that it happens every minute, try finding things that run every minute. If they're very big (loops perhaps?), try making them more efficient and faster. If you need any help, I think you should post the code in the Scripting Help section, because this is most likely a scripting issue :P
*(If it's not a scripting but a network issue, the only thing I can think of is to get better network yourself, and/or better network for the machine the SA-MP server is running on. Where are you running it anyways? On your localhost or on a VPS/Dedi?)

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