How can this be possible?

Today I saw an advertisement about a server, it's just like another regular server. But turns out, it support 400 players:

I checked the server info and it's version 0.2.2. Weird eh?

Here's the server info

HostName: Gaming Zone Roleplay
Players: 2 / 400
Ping: 289
Mode: GZ Roleplay
Map: San Andreas

o.0 thats wired, i tought the max was 200 player slots

You can edit your samp-server.exe to announce whatever you want to the master server, but that does not make it able to support the values you send. The server can only support the 200 players set by SA-MP, so it really is just for show.

I tested this with somebody (won't say who), and we had 1/1337 players, so it's definately possible to stuff with things. If I recall correctly, we also changed the version to 0.5 or something, all for fun.

Oh, here's something I saw a while ago and screenied, but I doubt they were doing anything wrong, probably just my connection screwing up (I'm Australian as well, so check the ping ), or else they were under attack:


Originally Posted by Westie
You can also change the versions for example. I use a 0.2.2 R2 linux server, and I remember when the version was 'Westie ', along with 'OHAI :3'.
lool @ that should be possible by standard, not some modding shit

2 words

'Holy Shit!!!"

Lol it's lame to put your max cap to 400 if it can only support 20.

the server structs handles only 200 player [set by sa-mp team] and you can't reset i guess

Originally Posted by DonGic4
Lol it's lame to put your max cap to 400 if it can only support 20.
not 20 ... 200

computer are computers, they do what you want them to do, and if you want them to display 700,000/10,000,000 players, you can.

Omg this is a five year old thread... and getting bumped now

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