GTA V Anyone?

Hey guys,
It was my birthday some days ago. & My cousin got a PS3 for me. I am really happy to see that.It comes with two games Uncharted 3 & Gran Turismo 5. But i am really bored now. I played some Free 2 Play games but i didnt likedthem at all. I want to play GTA V as i am a super GTA Fan. So,I just want to ask if someone can get me a GTA V copy. Yes some of you would be angry and sayme ask your parents for it or earn money. But in our country you cant work till you are 18 and myfamily isnt that rich to buy the game for me. The game cost around INR.3000 in my country and Iget like INR.10/day or sometimes nothing. I hope you will understand my problem and maybe anyof you who is rich enough or just want me to see happy will buy that game for me? Please guys..Thanks for having your time and reading this.

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ask your cousin

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ask your cousin
Yeah King_hual is right, Just say him that PS3 is retard unless i own GTA V

He already spent much, Also he's living far far away from us.& I dont think he can come sir..

Easy, shut down PS3 and go play football on the streets with your friends. You'll be happy
Better than any GTA.

Sony computers went off the market.

Leggenda its hard for me.. I am a huge fan of GTA games
and ACI what do you want to say bro?

I'm pretty sure that nobody will buy a GTA 5 for you here, I've seen this kind of posts at IGN forums too and yeah, they were ignored. The best way is to get a job or ask your parents to save some money for you.

Well then if you can't purchase it, wait for it to get to you somehow. Until then, you could try like what LeGGGeNNdA said.

Ah okay fine guys..

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