Textdraws didn't show after id 200

Hi guys.I have problem..When over 200 players join my server, players with ID higher than 200 didn't see the textdraws...

Are you using textdraws or playertextdraws?
When using normal textdraws (TextDrawCreate: https://sampwiki.blast.hk/wiki/TextDrawCreate), the limit is 2048 textdraws on the entire server.
If you have 10 textdraws per player, you've reached the limit: https://sampwiki.blast.hk/wiki/Limits.

Try to convert your textdraws to playertextdraws (CreatePlayerTextDraw: https://sampwiki.blast.hk/wiki/CreatePlayerTextDraw).

Then you can have up to 256 textdraws per player.

Are you sure this is the reason?

Calculate it.
Do you have 10 textdraws per player?

10 textdraws per player * 200 players = 2000 textdraws (limit is 2048 ).

You could try to add just a few extra textdraws per player (making empty, hidden ones, just use TextDrawCreate, but don't use them anywhere else and don't show them), let's say 3 more.
2048 / 13 = 157.

Player 157 may see their textdraws, but player 158 won't see them anymore.
Then you know you've reached the limit.

The prob. is there that i have only 6 textdraws..

Then I don't know what may cause the problem.

It's not problem for me but it's problem for players..Where can be the problem..

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