A complication with my user data

So I've been trying to learn to script lately, so far I had started a blank script and began building it through tutorials I read. Everything worked fine, until I wanted to add in a register/login system.

Honestly, I thought I could make one similar to this one from this tutorial:https://sampforum.blast.hk/showthread.php?tid=273088

But I couldn't, so I ended up using their code.

These are the compile errors I receive:

I used to get two more errors, a forwarding one for the 'public LoadUser_data(playerid,name[],value[])' but not anymore. What I added was a forward for it plus I added '#define Player Info' on top.

This is what I currently have coded:

Things I tried:
-Re-ordering things around
-Adding new defines, deleted them if it didn't work
-Edited words, for case sensitive problems
-Basically tried everything from searching in ****** and the forums

I would really appreciate any help, please!

Updated with current pics

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