I decided to create this thread out of frustration and curiosity.

I have purchased many servers through Volt, without an issue, in fact I could applause their support ethic after those experiences.

This all changed when I purchased a Hosted Tab listing off them.

I purchased a Hosted Tab listing off them for $19 USD hoping that, when they said it would take no longer than 24 hours, it would take no longer than 24 hours to setup and my server would be on the Hosted Tab.

I waited over 24 hours, in fact almost 48 hours until I had to create a support ticket to ask why my hosted tab has not been setup yet.

Over 2 days later, this is day 4, they replied to the support ticket saying "Please provide your email, time you paid for the hosted tab, and transaction id".

I swiftly responded with those details.

It is now day 5 and I have not got another response from them.

I am confused in why I am being ignored, or at least it seams that way.

Has anyone else had the same, or similar issue with them? or Do you know the reason why they are taking so long?

Thanks in advanced for your input,


Study the host before purchasing anything from them, Volt/Colorhost's services has been terrible lately, so you should not buy anything off them in the mean time.

My suggestion would be move on to another host, preferably SmartByte(former KingJ).

umm. Actually No bro.. I only bought normal host.. No hosted tab. So far i didnt face this problem. But yea sometimes they take long to respond. Hope they will fix this for you

Smartbytes, volt-host lost their reputation when the new what so called 'owner' came through either he was lost or just didn't give a crap about the host, although I heard they've tried to get it back on it's feet and operational again sadly hearing this now lol, hell I'll never move back :P

The average time Volt takes to reply to a ticket is anywhere between two and three days - that's normal, you're not being ignored.

This is a volt host supporting form, it was a bad idea to complain here.

So glad I moved away from Volt-host, they're alright as long as you don't require any support from them. Basically every ticket I've created I've had to wait over 24 hours. I'm currently hosting with http://vortexservers.com/ and they've been exellent so far but it's your choice

Get away from volt while you can!

Volt was sold. Don't expect the same service without iLinx.

Well better get away from Volt
there are taking much time.. Use other host

Buy a cheap VPS and learn linux, it's so much better.

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