Video editor program required.

Hi, as the title says I need a video editor software editor. It's not about editing and making it full of effects, it's more about a presentation that I've got tomorrow on school and I must make a video with the text scrolling from the bottom to the top. Since every application requires time to be learned, I need a basic application to do so.

Greets and thanks for any single help you can give me

Well, I got shitload of list for you, but since you need something very basic. Go with Ulead Videostudio, super easy, almost windows movie maker, with more options. But you'll have to watch a few tutorials though.

I'll have a look into it, but also I used Movie Maker. What I don't like is the text type. I do not really want that the text gets separated when it is in columns (Right and left column to be filled in). If it would'nt be using columns then yeah I would use it.

Thank you for fast reply because I'm pretty late with the project.

EDIT: I made an update on my Movie Maker on the Windows 7 PC. It looks like paint now and also is more comfortable. No further application downloads is required. It's getting to work pretty nice like this even though those new features make it a bit hard to be worked up.

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