[HELP] weather cloudy with fog

Hello I search thru the internet for id weather cloudy with fog but I across the weather's id pictures but I can't decide which picture is real one so I asking you to help me about this weather id? Thanks

Just go to game and try them all

Try weather id 9

this is just fog I need like thread says cloudy with fog? Thanks

ID Type of weather
0-7 Blue skies
08 Stormy
09 Cloudy and foggy
10 Clear blue sky
11 Heatwave
12-15 Dull, colourless
16 Dull, cloudy ,rainy
17-18 Heatwave
19 Sandstorm
20 Foggy, Greenish
21 Very dark, gradiented skyline, purple
22 Very dark, gradiented skyline, purple
23-26 Pale orange
27-29 Fresh blue
30-32 Dark, cloudy, teal
33 Dark, cloudy, brown
34 Blue/purple, regular
35 Dull brown
36-38 Bright, foggy, orange
39 Very bright
40-42 Blue/purple cloudy
43 Toxic clouds
44 Black/white sky
51-53 Amazing draw distance
700 Stormy weather with pink sky and crystal water
150 Darkest weather ever

Just did a quick use in my favorite search tool that everybody knows (At least, I hope/wish for it)

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