Is there any ways to fix this?

I have added some commands to my server and it showed me this after i added the /cmds list command.
Header size:           8280 bytes
Code size:           454060 bytes
Data size:          2827876 bytes
Stack/heap size:      16384 bytes; estimated max. usage=10182 cells (40728 bytes)
Total requirements: 3306600 bytes

2 Warnings.
Is there any way to fix it? I mean can i increase the size of it to more bytes than the limit? I still need to add lots of scripts and it is giving error by now. I am sure other servers has even more coded gamemode/filterscript than i do.

Search for #pragma dynamic

Is this that you want?

Well i don't understand how am i getting these warnings, but as far as i know, my script's rate is getting over than the limit. As you can see in the warning msg that i have provided above. Need help to fix it please.

So use that pragma.. like that
pawn Код:
#pragma dynamic 10000

It will basically show up if you create local arrays (strings) with ridiculous sizes. A string larger than 128 cells usually isn't needed, except for sending queries or reading from a file.

Oh ok Vince thanks for the info, i placed 1 script that has long message length. Its not really needed so i will remove.

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