What should i ask when i hire a new scripter?

well the titels says everything
How should i interview the scripter im going to hire? Give me sugestions about what i should ask him?

1. Tell him to give you some scripts that he scripted did and not EDITED.
2. Tell him why should i hire you
3. Tell him if he is good enough to script a gamemode/filterscript.
Well, that's all i know and i do.!

Ask about is dedication level, how many hours a day/week he can spend scripting, rate himself out of 10, give him a bugged command to fix. Heres a few more ideas.

Example scripts are the most important part. Also, be sure to write up a small script during the interview (if you're skyping for example) to be sure that he knows what he's doing.

I'd go for a live interview. If you can, speak to him via the microphone and make sure he's not a scammer. (Yes that occurs often.) After you decide you can trust him, tell him to set up an example script and/or give him something specific to fix/add. If it all goes well, hire him without a doubt.

Ask him if he even know scripting XD

Ask them for example script

Dedication and effort as scripter is the most important points. Make sure your scripter succeed on having these!

Some years ago I already started wanting to create my own server, and as in that moment I didn't want to learn scripting I thought of paying someone to do that work for me, so first I tried to hire people that I already knew from the servers I used to play in, rather than totally unknown guys. However, I finally realized that it's better to script my server myself.

If the scripter you want to hire is already a player at your community you should screen him too. Like check the server logs, ask other admins what they think of him.

Just to make sure you don't hire a rulebreaker or hacker. That'd say something about integrity.

Ask for samples

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