Get points.


How to get points, a coordinates of a sphere? look in picture:


attach object to player any of there spheres

18843 GlassSphere1
18844 WaterUVAnimSphere1
18845 RTexturesphere

an copy from iJumbo's random point selector in the permieter. \/

Click here and see the post

if you're looking at it top down then it's
object x = player x + (cos(angle) * distance)
object y = player y + (sin(angle) * distance)

angle should also be in radians which is degrees * (Math.PI / 180) or when you use floatcos or floatsin you can specify what type of measurement you're using

so if you want it to be at an angle of 55 degrees and a distance of 10 units it'd be

object x = player x + (Floatcos(55,degrees) * 10)
object y = player y + (Floatsin(55,degrees) * 10)

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