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Hi, post here the languages u know (IRL language i.e english) and post the computer language u know (i.e. Python, VB, etc);
try to make an format like

IRL Lang:
  • Eng, etc
    • Comp Lang:
      • VB, etc
Here is mine
Languages i know (IRL)
  • English
  • Tamil (historic Lang)
  • Hindi
  • Sanskrit (Some use this in computers D
Programming languages i know:
  • Visual Basic (medium)
  • Pawn (Medium)
  • Html (Medium)
  • Python (going to learn)
Other things i know:
  • 3d model {Blender (software name)}, if i knew python, i can make a video game
My Projects:
  • Calculator with change background color and etc. (VB, completed)
  • Compound Interest Calculator. (basic which only finds the interest compounded annually and per year. {Updating with much options [eg]Compounded per month, etc}, v1 completed, v2 in progress ╟ VB ╟)
  • DM server (Pawn, incomplete)
...... I Will Type With Caps In All Letter Because I Like It :P.,....

I can script in PAWN. I speak English, Dutch et un petit peu franзais and last but not least I'm able to breathe through my anus.

Huston be prepared for loads of bollocks to be launched into this topic.
This is a reason why I bloody hate this kind of topics.

Originally Posted by Danny.
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I'm able to breathe through my anus.
Teach Me xD

Well, it depends what do you mean by "know". I know syntax of lots of programming languages, can write simple programs in them, but don't have a single big project completed though.

3d model {Blender (software name)}, if i knew python, i can make a video game

If VB has access to directx/opengl you can already make a game!

I'm impressed with your Sanskrit knowledge!

Mine (the lower something is on the list, the more I suck with it):
  • Polish (native)
  • English (quite fluent)
  • German
  • I can read cyrillic
Programing languages
  • PHP (yeah, we're programming language now)
  • C
  • VB
  • C++11
  • Ruby (as of 1.9)
  • x86 ASM
  • Python
  • C#
Scripting "dialects (?)"
  • ECMAScript - both Javascript and actionscript 3
  • PAWN
Also I'm immune to walls.

pawn Код:
static const gMyLanguages[] = {
And that's pretty much it. I am not bilingual person!

Edit: Oh, and don't forget:
  • PAWN
  • #emit Assembly (still PAWN, added for the sake of clarity lol)
  • SQL
  • PHP
  • C++
  • Visual Basic
  • HTML (not a scripting language, but I still know some)

Its called a fart : )

I can speak Dutch, English, France (little bit), Deutsch, Spanish.
Programing languages: php,, javascript, c#, vb, pawn

i will try to upload my projects as soon as possible (its in my uncles house.)

Originally Posted by Misiur
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I'm impressed with your Sanskrit knowledge!
Thanks .

IRL Lang: English and Malay

Comp Lang: Pawn

and i know im batman

German (not very fluent, need to practice a bit)

C++(still learning some of it)
ASM(learning still)

Possibly more but can't remember

I speak english, spanish, portuguese, italian, albanian and i can understand french, also learning it,

I can Speak
  • English
  • Urdu
  • Hindi
  • Spanish
I Can Code
  • PAWN
  • HTML[A Lil]

IRL Lang:
  • Engish,Hindi,Urdu
Comp Lang:
  • VisualBasic [Little]

I'll star those I know best.

I communicate using:
  • 1) English *
  • 2) Marathi *
  • 3) Hindi (Obviously) *
  • 4) Spanish (I'd say I can survive in spain if I get lost there?)
The programming languages I can code in are:
  • 1) PAWN *
  • 2) PHP *
  • 3) C++ *
  • 4) VB (As of 6.0) *
  • 5) VC++
  • 6) Python
  • 7) ASM 8085 *
  • CSS & HTML (If markup's are even languages) *
  • 9) LUA
My life's aim is to learn Java. :/

Also, I can put on my pants without using my hands. Wriggle on the bed son

Latvian, English and a tad bit of German. I also speak fluent sarcasm

I can't code for shit.

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