Does Vbulletin server forums increase players in server?

Does Vbulletin server forums increase players in server?

As I saw many people advertising server put title as [Vbulletin].

Does it really helpful in gaining players?

What I think is No...

What do you think?

Honestly, no, I wouldn't join a server based on the Forum Software used, I would join based on the actual script..

They only reason they put title as [Vbulletin] is to show everyone that they can afford VBulletin.

Same case with Apple .

These small communities are using nulled copies of vBulletin, it's pretty obvious as a community with a 50 slot server isn't going to shell out $200 for forum software.

Sure buddy, vBulletin will bring you 50 virgin wives too.

Who the fuck would pay for a forum software anyway? Just a waste of money really. SMF ftw.

Well,if you'd know that the price of vBulletin is 400$ I am sure you'd think that this community at least have a normal paid forum,which means they can afford stuff.
More important - it's not some sucky forum hosted by forumotion.

I've never paid for the forums software. It is just useless, we have SMF in the round which is just like the premium forum softwares. I will prefer SMF.

Also, it will not raise your player count. The player count is raised by your own server and the features of the server which will just attract players to play there.

Most of the servers you see having [VBulletin] in their advertisements did not purchase the actual license, it's just kids who downloaded it. Either way, the answer is no.

People play in a community because of the people there, not because of the forums. Sure, the script and other factors matter as well, but the main aspect are the people.

it would be understandable if a community has active forums, many visitors daily and more, then maybe it's worth to buy a software like vbulletin, else just use free ones like SMF - there is no big difference at all.

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