Please help me, I have a problem with the Death Match.

Death Match, I want to do, use the command / gdm to warp into a place where I set.
When a player is killed. I want players that were born in the same place. But without success. Players come back to the starting point of my own, I wanted to ask you guys to help me fix it achieved it.

What I do is try. This command is used to put in the "Public SetPlayerSpawn"

if (GdmMode [playerid] == 1)
new rand = random (sizeof (GdmSpawn));
SetPlayerPos (playerid, GdmSpawn [rand] [0], GdmSpawn [rand] [1], GdmSpawn [rand] [2]);

But it was not successful, please help me fix it.

Thank you very much.

Try and put it under a timer of 100 milliseconds or something. Sometimes, when there's lag on the server, some stuff can overwrite other stuff. Happened to me too.

Top of the script, gather all the random spawns you want.
pawn Код:
new Float:gdmspawn[][3] =
pawn Код:
new id = random(sizeof(gdmspawn));
        SetPlayerPos(playerid, gdmspawn[id][0],gdmspawn[id][1],gdmspawn[id][2]);
        SetPlayerInterior(playerid, 0); // depends where you set the spawn
        SetPlayerVirtualWorld(playerid, 0); // choosing the vw of the player.
        TogglePlayerControllable(playerid, false); // letting the player move.

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