Helicopter Ramp Object

Alright well I want players to be able to stand at the side of any helicopter so the only way to make it possible is by adding an object. First of all should I make it like Attach the object when OnPlayerSpawn or a certain command like /ramp . Alright the object ID is : 1044.

It really is a look a like of the maverick helicopters but you see the original one's are actually transparent (Pass through anything. Can't stand.) So I use this little object could it be enough for a player to stand and shoot at the same time or probably crouch fire? Here's an image of it : http://gta-sa-mp.de/object/?modelID=1044

3 bars of that fills the whole helicopter Ramp? So what do you guys think? its it like possible like ok? or a better broader and thicker object? Ok or should I like find a new object?

u shud porbably use a small platform :\

Any idea on what kind of platform. Its ok but I want something that can suit to the normal helicopter ramp. Too big, is too bad. Too broad and well it looks weird... Any idea?

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