Public Server [+rep for helpers]

Hello, I want to run a server for all..
I mean currently I am able to run a server for me only with this IP..
I want that everyone will be able to enter in a server hosted with my PC.. my internet IP ( ) is not working..
I don't know that I have to port forward or what..

i suggest you use an online hosted server using Volt-Host or KingJ etc, there are very cheap ones too, but if you want to host it from your home then try using a vps

Or, go to and search for your router. Once you have found it, find "SA-MP Server". Then you're done.

what is router?

Originally Posted by jamesmercer1947
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what is router?
Your internet router, the machine that lets you use wifi...... like this : click here

My router in not there..

In where?

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