Clicklable textdraw problem, all work, except one.


Solved, I don't know the exact reason, but re-designing the textdraws helped

Hey guys, I have been working on a clickable textdraw system, I did everything I need to, and all of the textdraws get detected when they are clicked. Except "pyroman", it was where the place "Bomber Class" was, whenever I click that textdraw, it doesn't detect it's clicked. What can be the reason beyond this?

The textdraw was under "Engineer", but I whenever I clicked Engineer, it would detect "Pyro", so I removed Pyro and threw it to the bottom and now Engineer works fine, but Pyro isn't detected correctly at all.

PS. All Textdraws are working, except pyroman.

pawn Код:
new PlayerText:PyromanClass[MAX_PLAYERS];


    if(playertextid == PyromanClass[playerid])

PyromanClass[playerid] = CreatePlayerTextDraw(playerid, x, y, "Pyroman Class");
PlayerTextDrawLetterSize(playerid, PyromanClass[playerid], 0.399331, 1.570963);
PlayerTextDrawAlignment(playerid, PyromanClass[playerid], 1);
PlayerTextDrawColor(playerid, PyromanClass[playerid], -1);
PlayerTextDrawSetShadow(playerid, PyromanClass[playerid], 0);
PlayerTextDrawSetOutline(playerid, PyromanClass[playerid], 1);
PlayerTextDrawBackgroundColor(playerid, PyromanClass[playerid], 51);
PlayerTextDrawFont(playerid, PyromanClass[playerid], 1);
PlayerTextDrawSetProportional(playerid, PyromanClass[playerid], 1);
PlayerTextDrawSetSelectable(playerid, PyromanClass[playerid], true);
Here's a pic:

Can you show us an example of another one of your selectable textdraws? Just like you did with the first one, so we can compare it and debug the problem.

pawn Код:
new PlayerText:AssaultClass[MAX_PLAYERS];

// onplayerclicktextdraw

    if(playertextid == AssaultClass[playerid])

AssaultClass[playerid] = CreatePlayerTextDraw(playerid, x, y, "Assault Class");
PlayerTextDrawLetterSize(playerid, AssaultClass[playerid], 0.432664, 1.604146);
PlayerTextDrawAlignment(playerid, AssaultClass[playerid], 1);
PlayerTextDrawColor(playerid, AssaultClass[playerid], -1);
PlayerTextDrawSetShadow(playerid, AssaultClass[playerid], 0);
PlayerTextDrawSetOutline(playerid, AssaultClass[playerid], 1);
PlayerTextDrawBackgroundColor(playerid, AssaultClass[playerid], 51);
PlayerTextDrawFont(playerid, AssaultClass[playerid], 1);
PlayerTextDrawSetProportional(playerid, AssaultClass[playerid], 1);
PlayerTextDrawSetSelectable(playerid, AssaultClass[playerid], true);
This for example, works fine.

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