I cant login as admin

Ok i have a server and i have set rcon password.When i do /rcon login ***** it bans me from MY server.Then i remove samp.ban and i go again.Try No2) I logged in and off (with the method to change scriptfiles) but at scriptfiles there is ONLY Dion_R_Wayne.clothes which is my clothing and there is no place to set AdminLevel=...

Help me with a other way please!

Go to server.cfg and type RCON Password as you want in letters and then Go to your server and type /rcon login <rconpassword>

it will say like that:

"You are logged in as Admin"

I'm 100% sure you're using United RP II, for that, it's SQLite. So you need to go and download an SQLite browser, somewhere on ****** and open up Accounts.txt under scriptfiles and then you can edit the account information. Also, if it's banning you, then that means there is something under OnRconLoginAttempt to ban the player, you could just remove that.

My friend was having the same problem so I found a solution for him and I can share it with you also , so you are using United RP Gamemode , open the gamemode then CTRL + F (Find) search for
PHP код:
You will find something called
PHP код:
if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pAdmin] >= 99999 
So we will add simple thing to that code.

PHP код:
strcmp(sendername"Your Name"true) == 0//Write your name instead of Your Name. 
So our code will be

PHP код:
if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pAdmin] >= 99999 || strcmp(sendername"Your Name"true) == 0
You just have to replace Your Name with your Name IG
For example if your name is Denniser_BLABLA

So we our code will be like that :

PHP код:
if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pAdmin] >= 99999 || strcmp(sendername"Denniser_BLABLA"true) == 0
That's mean only Admin Level 99999 and the player with the name of Denniser_BLABLA can only use /makeadmin , you can make yourself admin then you can remove that function and make it only for admin level 99999 again.


I think you were having the same problem as i was having.
I suggest you go to your server's scriptfiles, then got to the folder 'Users' , open ur user and where u see "Admin Level"
Put the top admin level possible and then restart the server, and then try logging in, u r then an admin then u can try to log into rcon again using /rcon login ****
If it doesn't work u probably need to use SQLite

Please +rep me if i helped u in anyway

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