[Help Please] .AMX File Keeps Getting Deleted

Okay So I Script In Something Or Watever And When I Compile And Save My .AMX File Is Gone In The Gamemode Folder Help :/ Pm me to help on skype on ts PLS HELP

Because u get errors ?
And you

Compilation has to be successful (without any errors) for creating .amx file.

Can someone fix it for me its easy for you guys but not for me since im pretty new to it :/ Just compile most of the errors are easy.


Why should we do that? Try to compile (by pressing F5) and post the errors here.

This is a help forum, not a "do it for me and send it back" forum. If you want that, you're in the wrong place!

This forum is here for people to post issues and learn from their mistakes. Albeit, most of the people here will never learn and simply want others to give them code, kind of like yourself; but at least the more senior members know better than to give out code to every newbie.

You learn by doing. You make mistakes, maybe once, twice, hell, even 10 times. But you'll never make that mistake again once you do it enough. The same logic applies to programming!

Wtf you have done in script its 5.35 btw you should keep maps in different file so it script becomes easy to edit
And form where iam gonna get those includes

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