Player not spawning after login.

The player doesn't spawn. I scripted a lot of gamemode but this is the first time that it happens.
After the dialog login I put a SpawnPlayer(playerid) but the player doesn't spawn.
After onplayerclassselection there is SpawnPlayer(playerid); and also after onplayerrequestspawn.

Thanks for the help.

Try SetPlayerSpawnInfo too.

Originally Posted by arjanforgames
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Try SetPlayerSpawnInfo too.
What? Well..
I didn't explain it good.
The player spawn but the "spawn bar" appears. That one with the button "Spawn" and the <- and ->.
If I press Spawn the player spawn but I don't want the "spawn bar" to appear.

Try setting "SpawnPlayer(playerid);" on a timer of 500ms or something and try it from there.

If that doesn't work, post some code examples.

Have you enabled "TogglePlayerSpectating" then disable it or else you won't spawn!!
Try TogglePlayerSpectating(playerid,false); when you want the player to spawn.

Nothing of this works.

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