argument type mismatch

Hello this is my stock but it say that error wtf

line of error:
SCMTF(CO_YELLOW, "Player %s has been banned.", PlayerName(playerid));

stock SCMTF(color, const str[], define)
        new tmpbuf2[150];
	format(tmpbuf2, sizeof(tmpbuf2), str, define);
	SendClientMessageToAll(color, tmpbuf2);
Any ideas?

no fix for your problem, but here's a better solution. Define these in your Script
new str8hgn86[150];
#define SFM(%0,%1,%2,%3) format(str8hgn86, sizeof(str8hgn86),%2,%3) && SendClientMessage(%0, %1, str8hgn86)
#define SFMA(%1,%2,%3) format(str8hgn86, sizeof(str8hgn86),%2,%3) && SendClientMessageToAll(%1, str8hgn86)
now you can use SFM(playerid,color,message,params); and SFMA(color,message,params); for all players

Oh lol i thought same that it cant be fixed okay dude ty

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