Color helps

GameTextForPlayer(playerid, "~g~EUROPE", 3000, 3);//Spawn Team selection Europe

i was wondering if i could use RGBA Format colors instead of ~G~ as i wanted to put gray and silver and other colors so there is no ~color~command for them

IF you can put RGBA colors for the gametextforplayer
how do u do it

Rookie Designing new gamemod


Also i wanted to use Gray color and there is no ~gray~ color in wikipedia so how do i put Gray color for this textforplayer

anyone can help

These are the only colours your able to use

i saw on other servers they had Gray text for teams like Totalwar
How can i do that

Help needed ~

Those are textdraws you've seen

i have been using gametextforplayer to name the teams
how do i use textdraws ?

Here mate this should help you: -

thanks mate i learned on a video too but i have some questions

how can i use the font of gameTextForplayer in textdraw

anyway i can use [oosdsd] colors in gametextforplayer or similar more easy tools

can i allign gametextforplayer at top cus it spawns at players head on spawn selection

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