[GameMode] Project Extinction Roleplay (formerly Project Apocalypse)

Hey guys!

So some of you may have known me, or still do, both from my past at several servers, but mostly for my past at Project Apocalypse (Project Gaming). I spent several months there working, not only on their current script, but on a new one that was developed solely for their use. Anyhow, after taking a break from their team, I returned, to realize that despite all of the work that I had put into the script, it was sitting around collecting dust, not doing anything.

Therefore, as I am the one who worked on it, I don't quite want my work going to waste.. Thus, I am releasing a working version of the script. I won't pretend like it doesn't have bugs, don't get me wrong, it's been almost 5-6 months since I ever worked on this script. I will try my hardest in this topic, and elsewhere, to assist anyone who uses this script in making it work.

The script uses several plugins and includes and all rights for those materials are to the respectful owners. You may take this code and do as you please with it, but I assure you, despite having some key features, there are a few things missing.

One thing I did notice is that I wasn't quite sure which streamer (and version) I was using back there, so you will have to recreate whatever is missing. I uncommented everything out that used the streamer, so just search for "Dynamic" and you'll find what's in there.

Despite this is somewhat related to Project Apocalypse, I didn't include their objects as it wasn't mine to include, however, with a few hours, you can have something as good.

Anyhow, enjoy!

Credits of course go to the creators of any includes & plugins used.

IRC Plugin (by Incognito)
SSCANF Plugin (by Y_LESS)
MySQL Plugin [R6] (by BlueG)



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