Menu doesn't work

For some reason, the menu shows but whenever I select an item, the menu dissapears, doesn't do anything, and the player is stuck frozen (the exited menu callback isn't called either) Last thing I did before this bug started is adding
Is there a chance might cause it?

You do realize you have to press space, not return, right?

Yes, I know how to use a menu.

Code is in pastebin up there. Due to the fact I have many players in the server currently, I'll have to wait a little before testing. Might take some time.

Yes. It is Upon removal it worked again.
I'm still entertained by the fact that the include that was meant to fix bugs caused one :P
I use the to avoid 2 players entering vehicle 577 and crashing eachother

Yeah, you're doing your best mate, and I thank you for that.
How can I help you track the issue?

bumpz0r for ****** teh awesome

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