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Hey guys my name is Drake and i just download a new game mode.I got everything to work but there was only the .pwn no other folders or files i compiled the server and got the amx then i just added this game mode in my other server files but when i give my self admin in my server using scriptfiles it wont give me admin it says i have no admin,can someone please help me.It is a fort carson gamemode

As for giving yourself admin Follow these steps

1) First make a account on your Server

2) After making it /q

3) go into your server scriptfiles and look for a config file with the account name

4) open the config file with your name and Look for AdminLevel and set the level to 99999 and also your level to 6

5) after that save the file and you are all set

6) log back into the server and you should have Admin level!

This is exactly I did to get my Admin level on my server , Because for the life of everything I cant log into Rcon lol

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