Linux Server Problems

I'm receiving these errors after trying to start the server.

./samp03svr: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Are you running this server in a vps or in a host?

if you are using centOS, RedHat or similar distributions:

yum install
For Debian or similar distributions:

apt-get install
it works for me...

My server starts, is showed in process list but is not showing in samp client list, i've sent permisions, set announce = 1, configured iptables to allow port 7777 but not happens, im my windows pc i tested the port 7777 and its closed but evem closed i can see my server connect etc, i am using a centos 6 vps i really don't understand what is missing, any idea anyone?

Sorry my bad english, i'm braziliam...

what kind protocol do i have to set for port 7777 tcp or udp?? what is the diference betwen those protocols??


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