Toggling Interior Objects

I've finished designing my player furniture system, however it isn't at its full capability yet..
I've seen this on other servers so I know it must be possible in some manner.

What I'm trying to do is find a way to toggle the objects (sofas/windows/appliances/decorations) in stock interiors.
I know this may be a long job as I can see the possibility of me having to use the map editor getting ever so much bigger, however the only solution I can find at the moment is to:

Gather all the object data: Coords, model id, interior id and send them to the furniture system when a player buys a house, and add a house data for stock furniture toggling, if enabled to stream the objects, if disabled to hold the objects in virtual world -500.

Is this the approach I'm going to have to make? If so I can imagine my database being full by the time 50 houses have owners. ;P

I'm using the streamer developed by Incognito.

The way I would solve this is like this;

First I would copy the interior excluding the furniture so I have two interiors of the same model. One with furniture (GTA spawned) and one without. Then I would create a command to toggle this and once you execute it you either get's teleported to the interior with furniture or without (in the correct virtual world & interior ofc).

If you want them to get teleported to the exact same location as in the previous interior, save coordinates from each door and get offsets from the current location to the door in the new interior.

Done exactly that and changed the 'Z' of the object to avoid invisible objects, thank you.

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