[FilterScript] Recruitable Bambi! :3

Recruitable Bambi Filterscript!

Have you noticed the completely awesome new deer object that was added to SAMP but knew that it would never seem truly alive and knew it could never possibly help you in DM fights in SAMP? Well this filterscript does both of these things!

Find Bambi on the map and crouch in front of him to recruit him. He will follow you around and will even jump on top of a car with you!



Too soft and cutesy-wutsey? Did I mention that if you shoot somebody, Bambi will tackle their shit to the ground and give you a good 3 seconds to continue shooting your enemy? Bambi is also an object, which means he can protect you from cars attempting to run you over if he is in the correct spot!

Known Bugs

-Bambi does not face me!: This has to do with the object rotation of the Bambi object, and consequentially math.....which I really really suck at. Improvements on this are welcome.
-Bambi seems to be stuck inside the roof of my car, and he hurts me if I fall off a bike!: It's to do with GetVehicleModelInfo not returning the spot-on exact height of the car. I could probably fix this too but I'm not sure exactly how just yet. The damage from falling off a bike is a SA-MP issue - you are colliding with a solid object so you get damaged. I could fix it by making Bambi float higher on the bike but that would seem much less realistic.
-When I get teleported or go into an interior / virtual world, Bambi does not follow me: Working on it. Bambi WILL actually follow you if you do very far teleports - he's just a little slow and it will take him a while to catch up with you. I am trying to figure out the best way to go about doing this. Not following you into virtual world / interiors will become a much greater challenge. I already tried using Incog's streamer to set the VWs / interiors, but AttachDynamicObjectToVehicle doesn't seem to work at all and makes it impossible for Bambi to follow you on top of a car. I even tried just using AttachObjectToVehicle, but it attached the wrong object ID....

Future Features!

-Make Bambi able to properly tackle players and not have to use ApplyAnimation. If SA-MP allows it.
-Give Bambi the ability to attack someone from the roof of a car with a key press and return back onto the roof!


Awesome Script.
Would be Good in DM Servers

Nice Script Ill try it out it seems like its well put together so hopefully theres not to manny bugs. If I find some Ill Pm you

I fixed 2 main bugs - when you enter a car as passenger, Bambi wouldn't get on top of the car - this is now fixed. Also the detection of when you shot someone was not correct, I think it would only tackle someone if you actually shot the player's skin on your client. The script is now fixed so that Bambi will tackle someone if you actually inflict damage on THEIR client.

Wow, this fs is amazing

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