Help with MySql and Arry

I Started to convert my mode to using MySQL
But in my clan system the hq's loaded from the clan's file.
For example
if cInfo[i][cObjects] == 50
so its would load 50 objects(50 lines in file)
So how can I conver this to MYSQL??
(The title is Help with MySQL and Arry because the objects its like a dynamic arry that his size changed and in the file its add lines when the arry get bigger).

Sorry for my English....

You should go learn a little bit about MySQL before you try using it. Vince has a few tutorials on the proper usage of MySQL and outside of this forum are thousands of different tutorials that you could use to gain some knowledge.

The key things you need to look at would be the syntax, the keywords, and table structure. Then you should look into more advanced things.

I know how to use basic MySQL
but this thing I never try to do..
so how I do it?

If you know basic sql you should know how to do this. Go read some more.

But I don't know how to add cols through pawn
and every clan have a diffrent number of objects so its can't be the same in every clan


Read the forum rules please.

You don't add tables and columns through PAWN- that's just stupid. Use phpMyAdmin or another MySQL database editing tool.

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