Random players get maximum admin level [ladmin]

Hi guys, title says it all, i experience this annoying problem so random players when they connect to server they get level 10.

There's no such thing like Setlevel = 10 or anything related on OnPlayerConnect or anywhere else. As filterscripts i'm using only ladmin4v2 and some animations.

Maybe you guys experienced the same problems? Or you can help me? It will be much appreciated!

Thank you!

LE: btw, ladmin is a bit edited so I can get car lights on daytime.

Your probably not resetting the level variable when they disconnect.

Under on PlayerConnect:

PlayerInfo[playerid][pAdmin] = 0;

^ This may differ, you'll have to do it yourself as some people use PlayerData[playerid][pAdmin], ect.

For ladmin u use this

pawn Код:
PlayerInfo[playerid][Level] = 0;

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