[FilterScript] [FS] Levels!

[FS] Levels!
Download V1.5!!:
PWN: PasteBin!
PWN&AMX: DataFileHost!

About: This is a filterscript witch would be very helpful for a DM/TDM script! You can use it so when you get a certain amount of score (which you define in the filterscript it is very easy) you will level and you can chose to have the weapons on level that you can define or just make something yourself in the filterscript which you can define if you want it or not! This is not a complicated script !

Scripting: It has 10 levels (You start at 0)which you can define the score that you upgrade to the next level E.G:
#define LVL_1 100 //The score at which a player levels!
100 is the score that which the player levels!

You can also define if you want the weapons,armor and health or not....
#define LVL_WEPONS //Comment if you do not want any of the weapon/armor/health things on spawn ("//")!
You can define the weapons, health, armor and Ammo for each level:
#define LVL_1_WEAPON1 34 // Weapon 1 weapon ID! 
#define LVL_1_WEAPON1_AMMO 34 //Weapon1 ammo!
#define LVL_1_WEAPON2 34 //Weapon2 weapon ID!
#define LVL_1_WEAPON2_AMMO 34 //Weapon2 ammo!
#define LVL_1_WEAPON3 34 //Weapon3 weapon ID!
#define LVL_1_WEAPON3_AMMO 34 //Weapon 3 ammo
#define LVL_1_HEALTH 56 // Health of that level!
#define LVL_1_ARMOR 56 // Armor for that level!
It will have instead for different levels:
#define LVL_2_WEAPON1_AMMO 34

It will also give you the weapon from the previous level if it is not overwritten by another weapon using the same weapon slot!

Commands:This filterscript has 2 commands:
  • /level <playerid> - Will check the players level!
  • /levelset <playerid> <level> - The level has to be between 0-10 and it will set there level and give the playera message "NAME" has set you to level "LEVEL" "
Other Defines:
Defines if there is level weapons armor ETC:
#define LVL_WEPONS
The level message color in HEX:
  • It is fully set up!
  • It saves the players level after they leave (can be modified by commenting #define LVL_SAVE)(file:Levels.cfg!!) Thanks to ~CueBall~ for the help
  • /Levels shows all the levels and the score that you have to be to level!
There was a bug which it didn't save the player file i made it read it when the player leaves

There was a bug at startup when it gave you your levels from the file and it displayed that you leveled 10 times - FIXED
-Saves your score when you leave!

-Made it so its per kills instead of score! Here are the level kills (change them if you want):
1: 30
2: 70
3: 90
4: 130
5: 180
6: 250
7: 350
8: 470
9: 600
10: 700

-The Code is shortened!
-New command /kills checks the players kills

The /levels command has been fixed!

Very nice work man! :P
Can be done better with DINI

Originally Posted by Fyro
Very nice work man! :P
Can be done better with DINI
Yeah it was a really quick making of the script

No offensive but this could be done much better. When someone want to add a level now he has to script the same stuff as you did. People just want to use it immediately and having the possibility to edit it. I'd say, use an array and an enumeration to end up with levels. Then you're able to have another level with just ONE line.

The idea is good, though you should work it out better.

Ill, do it much easier soon when i have time

I didnt like this
I would like one with like if you kill 10 people = level 1, if 20 = level 2
etc. and at end it would be saved for next time.

Nice work, man.

Not so bad, it would be really better if it saves the level to a .sav but sitll nice

Originally Posted by Rksss
I didnt like this
I would like one with like if you kill 10 people = level 1, if 20 = level 2
etc. and at end it would be saved for next time.
Good for you if you don't like it make your own

Its not the best but it will do Mind if i edit it?

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