Lag and desync.

I've noticed this alot, only since 0.3x was introduced, sometimes I have trouble logging in, the server will attempt to log in several times before finally logging me in.
The server if I get past the password dialogue box seems really desyncronised. I'll type in a command and seconds later the game-mode chooses to do what I typed.
As an admin if I use /goto ls, the text "you have been teleported" appears in my textbox, but my player hasn't moved, same goes to interiors.
I never really used to have this problem and my internet is flawless, I live in Australia, so it's nothing down my end, I've checked if anybody is downloading but it seems I'm the only person online, is it purely a co-incidence, a SA-MP error, I'm not sure.

If you host the server, have you tried to host a local server and test it there?
If you don't, it's possible for the server itself to be laggy or have a bad Internet. Sometimes my players can't even teleport but there is the message of the finishing of the teleportation. For better cases the response comes after a few seconds of the command input, and it should be either a network problem or server lagging. My players usually fixed it themselves by reconnecting to the server if it's a network lag. When this situation occurs, you have to check if the server CPU usage is full, to find out the actual problem.

For logging in, I've never seen people logging in for several times before they log in. I uses a dialog to do that.

I have same problem:

(sorry for low quality)

Server: VPS, 0.3x R1, ~ 10 players online
My info: ping 60, 0.3x R1 client, Windows 7

Desync start ~ 0:45.. Watch the vehicle markers..

After desync I can see other players driving their vehicle, but i CANґT see unoccupied vehicles, pickups etc..

It isn't something special for my players, because they may have a slow Internet connection or receiving too many messages/instructions from the server (like many objects in one place).
Server can also be the source of lag due to frequent updates (like accessing files in OnPlayerUpdate, and have a frequently updated speedometer.
Your server is a VPS, I'm not sure but it's possible for them to have a bad network, being attacked or too much server sharing the same machine so that it has a high CPU usage, etc..

this happens to me to

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