Others cant see my SA-MP server.

Hey i have a problem that others cant see my SA-MP server, but just 1 day ago there were 20 people in it, it's port forwarded and alla that, lanmode is 0, port 7777 and so on. I'm using cable internet so..

Maybe the IP address has changed ?

Most likely your have a dynamic IP which changes.

To fix this you need to configure a local static IP for your computer so that your gateway won't give your computer a new IP each time. To do this you need to go to the control panel, network & sharing center and then edit the properties for your IP/TCP v4. You'll need to do some research on your own to find what values to use. However, you'd normally use a type a(10.0.0.x), b(172.16.0.x) or c(192.168.0.x). The default gateway is usally the first instance in your network and should therefor be 1 instead of x. You could use ******'s DNS servers:

Good luck!

I know i have dynamic IP but they still dont see my server, every day i tell them the new one i tryed to portforwarfd today too and then try still the same :S

Can someone mabye help me by teamviewer and mabye try to portforward another way? PM me please.

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