How do I use AttachObjectTovehicle that I can put another truck trailer on a truck trailer which is connected to my roadtrain/linerunner. Is it possible? Also wil it spin like the turning circle?

You cant attach trailer cus trailer is not defined as object but as vehicle. you can use those big trailers that are objects, but I don't know will it spin

I guess you can use AttachTrailerToVehicle for that. Not sure tho.

Mmmm. I've seen it done before though that's the thing. And mr that means I have to somehow make it so that the first trailer connected to the truck is a vehicle. Shouldn't I still be able to do it since a vehicle/trailer is still an object? (I think )

Acctually, you can not attah onjects to a car!

Oh. Well does anyone have a command that can add police lights to a car? like a buffalo or something?

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