Sunrise: Roleplay

Sunrise Roleplay

We are proud to announce to you our new SA:MP Online Gaming Community Sunrise: Roleplay

Server is based on unique gamemod systemDynamic-RP, the action takes place in Red County.
Script is written from Scratch, its made by t0xIc_S a.k.a CoaPsyFactor.
Our goal was to make as much dynamic as possible.

What do we mean with dynamic?
It is simple answer, building houses, business, faction even jobs from in game.

List of faction: Mayor,R ed County police department, Medic centar, San news, Chinese mafia, Mechanic,
Taxi company, Construction company, FBI, Bloods.

You are wondering why only one gang?
Well, we are going to make as much gangs as players want, but there are certain criteria.
Player who want to owe a gang, must have at least 3 other players to be in their gang. And players must be level 3+

Jobs: Pizza Boy, Bus Driver, Dredger, Street Cleaner, Trash Collector, Harvest man, Delivery Corp., Pilot

If you have any idea for checkpoint job, just tell it to admin in game, and if it is good idea, administrator will add job in no time.

Something about factions


Mayor have 3 commands (/settax, /paybusiness, /mayorsay)

With command settax mayor can change value of tax. Default value is 18%
Mayor can also give money to some business, with command paybusiness,
and he can also speak to all Sunrise citizen.

Red County Police Department
Goal of this faction is to keep our beloved Red County away from robber, scamers, drug dealers, weapon dealers.

Medic center
Medic center a.k.a EMS is there for any sick, hurted or even healhy men.

San News
San News will keep you updated with latest news going on in Red County, also with Weather informations.

Chinese mafia
Chinese mafia has controll of armhouse and arm dealers. There is no way you can avoid them if you do something behind their back.

We wanted this faction to be same as job, but good mechanic must be good Roleplayer.
Purpose of mechanic is to repair your vehicle. Or to change oil. Also he can roll back your odo so you can sell your vehicle for more money.

Taxi compani
If you are lost somewhere in San Andreas, simply /callcab and free taxi driver will arive in your position in no time, and even faster take you to wanted desitnation

Construction company

This faction can /build your house, if you just bought it and its not finished. Or if from some reason someone destroyed it.

FBI and PD are almost same, but FBI is there to stop huge crimes, like smuggling drugs or weapons.

You wanna make or sell drugs, this is perferct faction for you. You will always have your back secured from police or other gangs.


Pictures of jobs.

Other features:
To make roleplay even more interesting there are certain things that could happen to you.
If you don't eat on time you will loose your hp, if you don't /pee on time you will piss your pants.
There is also system called something wrong.
What is something wrong system?
Its function called every one hour that loops through all online players and randomly choose on of them, and do something bad to player.
Well not bad to harm him, but something like, rip your clothes, break your watch or mobile phone, untie your shoe etc...
Dodat ce se jos unikatnih stvari u tome segmentu igre.

Unique systems:
Taxi - its not just a simple timer, but measuring distance and thats how does it calculate cost of fare
Burnout system - if you burnout your tiers too much, their will poop
Advert System - You need to have Adverts to read them /readadvert
Drug and Weapon system. Dynamicly adding drugs and supstances for drugs from in game.

Drug i weapon

To make drug, you need to have certain supstances, and also be in crack house.
To buy supstances you need to /getmaterials in crackhouse

Here are pictures of crack house.

Same is for weapons, only you don't need certain materials, but only materials.
/getmaterials to buy them.

Pictures of armhouse

Your Sunrise Team

P.S Sorry for my bad English. Love you all.

Multilanguage support is now on. From now you can choose between English and Croatian. Any one who want to translate to other languages, simply PM me.

And please don't ask for administrator level, we already have enough administrators. And remember administrator is not reward its responsibility

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