San Andreas Mafia Server V8.11.1

San Andreas Mafia Server Version 8.11.1

I don't usually advertise this server as it's mainly used by the people who play CrazyBob's Cops and Robbers.
I thought that I will advertise it and see what people think of the server.
Some of you who have never played CrazyBob's Cops and Robbers may find this server a little confusing. That's because it was originally made as a training server for members of CrazyBob's.

We have spent many years perfecting this server and still on this day, we are thinking of new ideas to add.
The Admin Script is one of our most advanced scripts, it's completely unique and many hours have been spent on that. Many, many house have been spent on the whole server.
Everything you see on this server has been scripted by us.

In this server you can either be SAM (Green), DMH (Purple), Police (Blue) or the Don (Red).
You choose from the 3 cities where you spawn with a textdraw, you then get to choose your sub-machine gun weapon.
Once these have been chosen, depending what team you chose will depend what HQ you spawn at.
The main objective is to fight the opposite team (Green v Purple V Blue V Red).

I won't list all of them because I will be here for ever.
/td [0-50] - Takes drugs, will increase your health by a small fraction every few seconds.
/ad - Take an adrenaline pill to refill your health.
/fs - fishslap
/finv - Shows all your fish slots.
/fisheat - Shows a list of fish you're carrying on and allows you to select a slot for fish to eat (will refill health depending on the fish).
/team - Change Team.
/companion - Lets you select your own companion (pet).
/companioninfo - Statistics of a player's companion (pet).
/peta - Forces your companion (pet) to attack the closest player (you can also specify the player to attack).
/petfight - Challenge the closest player to a companion (pet) duel (you can also specify the player to offer a duel).
/petslap - Slaps the closest opponent with your companion (pet, you can also specify the player to slap).
/pm [Player] [Message] - Sends a private message to the player.
/mr - Shows current location of a money rush event.
/mrstats - Statistics of previous money rush events and your own statistics regarding the events.
/addneons [Colour name or ID, 1-6] - Sticks neons to your vehicle.
/stats - Global statistics for the server and players' records.
/i - Information about you such as kills/deaths.

For a list of more commands, use our advanced search system.
/commands, /cmds - Lists of available commands.

Group System:
/groupcall, /grcall - Sends notification about your location to all connected players belonging to your group.
/grouplist, /grlist - Shows all connected players belonging to your group.
/gm [Message] - Sends a message to all connected players belonging to your group.

Virtual Worlds.
/vwcreate, /vwc - Creates a new virtual world and promotes you to its leader.
/vwcommands, /vwcmds - The list of commands regarding to virtual worlds
/vwinvite, /vwi [Player] Invites the player to your virtual world or accepts the pleyer who requested (you must be the leader of this world)
/vwjoin, /vwj - Joins the virtual world you've been invited to
/vwjoin, /vwj [World ID] - Requests to join the given virtual world.
/vwkick, /vwk [Player] - Kicks a player from your virtual world (you must be the leader of this world)
/vwleader [Player] - Gives the leader's position to the specified player (you must be the leader of this world and the player must belong to the world)
/vwleave, /vwl - Leaves your current virtual world
/vwlist [World ID] - Shows the list of members belonging to the given virtual world.
/vwmessage, /vm [Message] - Sends a message to all players beloning to your virtual world
/vws - Shows the list of active virtual worlds and their leaders

Trivia Questions:
/trivia - Let you join the Trivia minigame.
/triviastats, /tstats - Displays the stats of the Trivia minigame
/triviaquit, /tquit - Quits the Trivia minigame

Unique Race System:
/race, /challange - Opens a race window, lets you start a race or create a new one.
A Textdraw will come up with the list of races.
You can start a single player race, a group race or create your own.

Unique Radio System:
/radio - General information about the streaming radio station and techniques of implentation.
/noradio - Disables listening to streaming radio stations in vehicles
/setstation [Slot ID, 1-3] [URL address of the station streamer] - Saves the given streaming radio stations to favourities and lets listen to them while in a vehicle or on /headphones
/stations - Shows the list of your favourite streaming radio stations
/headphones, /hps - Starts playing streaming radio stations while on foot (the stations should be set in /stations earlier).
/hps [Player] - Starts playing streaming radio stations used by other player
/nohps - Stops playing the streaming radio station of your /headphones.

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