[VIDEO] Quick Baltic States preview...

Baltic States Roleplay


Pretty nice features, but how do you know when to get out the bus?

The bus driver beeps and in the chat you will see the bus stops location (Ex. Los Santos GYM).

Check the server for more cool features!

Nice server,i will check it out later.

Alright and thank you

STOP BUMPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :FACEPLAM:

What do you mean with bumping?

I Don't want to be a hater but.. That's zGaming RP script and the Bus system is Addi's Bus system which was released on SA-MP forums.

Yeah your right! And is there anything wrong with that?
I only use awesome scripts that i can't make myself! I am a ameture scripter and i can't make a whole awesome roleplay gamemode! To correct you its a Zgaming edit But anyways i think its a great server! And today we launched a new version

The server is just updated to new version 3.1 i will make a new video soon with the new feutures. You can suggest me a song

Can you please suggest me an video editing softwere for my new video? And is there any WEB like for some video designs or cool stuff to add in your video? I searched the whole google but i couldnt find any web for video designs or something like that

Soory guys but this video is really outdated now for Baltic States Roleplay so you have to come online to see it shine
Anyways i am working on hte new vid

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