American Roleplay

American Roleplay grand opening need players, nice staff and great script, all from semi-scratch.

we have:
-Dynamic Factions
-Dynamic Houses
-Dynamic Businesses
-Dynamic Vehicles
-Dynamic Families


Factions: SAPD - Government - Hitman Agency - News Agency ((More to come))
Families: 10 Families Slots
Jobs: Mechanic, Lawyer, Trucker, Fisher, Weapons Dealer, Weapons Smuggler, Drugs Dealer, Drugs Smuggler, Bodyguard, Boxer
Houses: Fully functioning dynamic houses with 10 different levels and interiors.
Businesses: Fully functioning dynamic businesses (24/7 Market, Clothes Shop, Ammunation, Advertisement Agency, Club, Fast Food)
Vehicles Dealership: Dynamic vehicles dealership at Grotti's.
Doors: Fully functioning dynamic doors.
Mapicons: Fully dynamic mapicons.
Gates: Fully dynamic gates using 0.3e objects editor.
Toys: Fully toys using 0.3e objects editor.
City hall: Buy simcard company
Bank Robbery: Bank Robberies system implemented.
Events: Events in the server.
VIP System: 4 Different levels with different features. (Bronze, silver, gold, platinum)
Custom bank: Custom built bank, different that usual

Screenshots :

((Phone Service))

Server info:




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