Editing server

Hello Please could you help me the first problem is my larp.pwn file i edited the changemes and it hasn't affected it can you fix the errors someone did it in the past for me.

Next. How do i edit this part See the picture

Next. I would like some more admin commands please could you tell me (make me) some admin CMD's and tell me how to install them

Thanks the larp.pwn file is attached and here is the image

^^^ i have searched larp file but nothing help please

Maybe you should start editing some more simple GM's.

Do ctrl+f and type in "TextDrawShow"

Check your scriptfiles for a MOTD config file, you can edit it through there as well. There should be a command IG where you can update it, you would have to search that command through the admin help commands (if available) or through the script itself.

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