Linux Panel Help!

I downloaded panel and this is not work, error: open this webpage and this error, how to fix? And line:
#define("SERVER_IP", ""); # Uncomment this line only if you need to.

How to fix this line, i typed "" this is my server ip, and erroR

Do you need to un-comment that line?

You should probably reply on the thread you got it from or email the developer of it with your question..

#define("SERVER_IP", "");

For what i know, IP does not have the port added on it.

so it should look like:
#define("SERVER_IP", "");

But anyways, the problem isn't there.
Re-download westie ant ctrl, and do the right edit on the System/Definitions.php file.

Don't ask me HOW, since i don't have the file, and i'm not thinking to download it.

Klklt0 is right. You have to specify the IP of the machine, then when you get in the panel you create the server under you desired port.

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